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Lawyer, specialist in civil, corporate and LGPD Compliance implementation.

Postgraduate in Civil and Business Law.

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Heloísa Ribeiro da Costa

Graduated in Law at Universidade Norte do Paraná, she started her legal career as an intern at the Family Court, Childhood and Youth of Ibiporã, her hometown. After that, he interned for two years in a law firm, where he acquired great baggage to start his career.

As a lawyer, she worked in the legal department of factoring, an opportunity in which she could learn a little more about the business universe. He also worked in processes linked to mandatory insurance in a national company. She was a parliamentary advisor and has experience in corporate law, performing advisory and consultancy activities, including having worked in a training company in the oil sector.

Currently, with his own office in Ibiporã-PR, he applies his experience in judicial and extrajudicial practice in the areas of civil, business and family law, in addition to dedicating himself to the implementation of LGPD Compliance in companies.

Post-graduated in Civil and Business Law by the Educational Complex Damásio de Jesus, he is a member of the Family and Succession Law Committee of the OAB, Subsection Londrina.

Português - Portuguese
Inglês - English

OAB-PR 62.954

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