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Who we are

Rodrigues Koller emerged to change the concept of a law firm in Balneário Camboriú and region. We offer a range of differentiated, modern and dynamic services, which elevates the concept of our office to Advocacy 4.0, working with a multidisciplinary team and aligning expertise with technological tools to achieve excellence in results.

As a consequence, the solutions presented by our professionals are based on the most modern legal concepts and trends discussed worldwide, offering our clients the same quality as first world offices. Allied to this, we have a technological base and a network of partners that provide us with a comprehensive performance throughout the national territory, guaranteeing the same level of service provision offered at the headquarters in Santa Catarina.


The excellence of our services is conferred by the personalized service, which is made possible by the intensive use of digital tools, which allow the client to monitor each stage of their case remotely, as well as other services, such as the choice of services and meetings via videoconference.

The firm also stands out for its international expertise, providing a unique service in the region, serving foreign clients in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, including the cultural and bureaucratic peculiarities of their country of origin. The service includes negotiating with counterparts and writing documents in a foreign language. We have international support in the United States, Europe and the United Arab Emirates for customers who need a global service provision.

With a qualified team and committed to the result, structure and state-of-the-art digital tools, we are more than prepared to support all your legal demands, whether to solve a specific problem or to provide continuous high performance advice, in both cases, offering the best legal solution.





Vision / Objective

To be recognized for applying humanized advocacy, focused not only on the provision of legal services, but also to reduce the gap between society and the law, filling this gap through educational, informational and pro bono services.



  • People first;

  • Quality of services;

  • Respect for everyone, inside and outside the company;

  • Responsibility in every decision;

  • Passion for what we do.


Social Mission

To transmit values and legal principles through the provision of services that, in a natural way, spread through clients and collaborators, thus creating a network of indoctrinated people who are aware of their rights and duties, forming a more just and equal society.


Pro bono

Rodrigues Koller believes that investing its technical knowledge and legal expertise in companies at an early stage or in vulnerable situations is a way to help them remain strong in the market and follow their paths towards success. And more, with the result of its growth, generate jobs and income. And, not least, to disseminate our values and ethical principles that were added during the course of our partnership, the Office's primary mission.

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