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Lawyer and entrepreneur, he works as a language consultant for international affairs.

Founder of the Erasmus Language Institute.

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Rodrigo Santos Carvalho

He spent his childhood and adolescence living and studying in several countries (Gabon, United States, Bolivia, Switzerland and Brazil), as a result of the professional activity of his parents, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. During this period, he had the opportunity to learn, naturally and through studies, the languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and German.


In Switzerland, he studied law, in French, at the University of Friborg, where he obtained the certificate of Demi-license, equivalent to the bachelor's degree. He interned at UNCC, the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva, a subsidiary body of the United Nations Security Council and worked, as an interpreter, for the Schwab Foundation, organizer of the World Economic Forum in Davos.


After his return to Brazil, in 2004, he founded the Erasmus Instituto de Idiomas, where, in addition to offering courses in the various languages he mastered, he also develops translations and interpreter work for complex subjects. In this context, he worked for the CMGT company in training sessions for Petrobras oil platform operators at the BrasFELS shipyard training center, in Angra dos Reis-RJ, intermediating between instructors from Holland, Spain and France and Brazilian operators.


As an interpreter, he also mediated legal matters between Brazilian clients and banking institutions, insurance companies and European public bodies. At Rodrigues Koller Soluções Jurídicas he works as a linguistic consultant for international affairs.

Erasmus Language Institute works in a collaborative partnership with Rodrigues Koller. Click the logo to access their website.

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