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Lawyer specialized in startups, entrepreneurship and innovation. Post-graduate in Contracts, graduated in compliance, military of the Brazilian Army.

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OAB-SC 52.821

Elaine Rodrigues Koller

Bachelor of law graduated from UNOPAR, University of Northern Paraná, began her legal career as an intern at the Public Ministry of Paraná, in the city of Ibiporã. She was also a parliamentary advisor and a lawyer in the same municipality, where she quickly became known and recognized for her skill, knowledge and broad legal vision, having often been successful in exploring less traditional paths in the world of law.


Years later he moved to Curitiba, where he continued his career as a lawyer. Joined, through a contest, the ranks of the Brazilian Army, as an officer, graduating Lieutenant and acting as legal advisor of the 5th Military Region, where he can accumulate several legal experiences in the military administrative scope, more precisely in the area of ​​import and export of products controlled by the army. Covering the states of Santa Catarina and Paraná and covering more than 70 military organizations, it was responsible for the procedural progress and aid to decision-making by the High Command of that organization.

In this post interval he graduated in Criminal Sciences from Faculdade Anhanguera and in Contracts and Tenders from UNIBRASIL. She was also a professor of Introduction to the Study of Law and Entrepreneurship in technical courses at SENAI. He worked in an international law firm in London, United Kingdom, adding knowledge and cultural diversity. Upon his return, he took up residence in Balneário Camboriú, where he founded Rodrigues Koller Soluções Jurídicas, an innovative firm that has made it possible to put into practice all his legal experience together with the discoveries of the digital world. He sought knowledge and training in Compliance by LEC (Legal Ethics Compliance) and has been dedicated to the implementation of Compliance in LGPD in public and private companies.

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