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The Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Aeronautics) constitute huge business potential in various areas, from the most basic, such as food and clothing, to those of high added value, such as communication, energy and military equipment. It currently has a vast demand for projects for which they are looking for private partner companies.

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The industrial sector of the state of Santa Catarina is on the radar of the Brazilian Armed Forces. Recognized for its diversity and high competence, it has drawn the attention of military leaders for its great potential to contribute to new projects. In this sense, COMDEFESA - Defense Industry Committee of Santa Catarina was formed within the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina - FIESC, in which Rodrigues Koller Legal Solucions has active participation.

We highlight some ongoing projects:


  1. PROSUB - Submarine Development Program, a project with a total investment of 6.7 billion euros, involving the development and production of four conventional submarines, the construction of the Nuclear Propulsion Submarine, the purchase of torpedoes and screeners, design and construction. a shipyard and a naval base in the municipality of Itaguaí (RJ), in addition to technology transfer and offset;

  2. SISFRON - Integrated Border Monitoring System, a project whose purpose is to implement and integrate the sensing system, decision support and support the integrated operational performance of various defense agents in the country's land borders, is budgeted. R$ 839,664,954.32, being the contract holder the Tepro consortium formed by the companies Savis Tecnologia e Sistemas S/A and OrbiSat Indústria e Aerolevantamento S/A, controlled by Embraer Defense and Security;

  3. The HX-BR project, a production and acquisition agreement in Brazil for 50 mid-size helicopters of general employment for the three Armed Forces, valued at 1.89 billion euros.


The values involved have increased the interest of several national and foreign companies in the Brazilian defense products and systems market. Besides the high business potential, being a supplier of products or services to the Armed Forces is a certification of competence to compete in the international market, something to be proud of.



Rodrigues Koller Legal Solutions supports innovation and technology companies, also seeking to bring together companies interested in business with the Armed Forces of Brazil.

Using a network of clients and international contacts, we can create connections, stimulating an environment conducive to the realization of big business. As a result, we are no longer mere providers of legal services, but are also prime partners in advising on business execution.


The firm has the expertise of Dr. Elaine Rodrigues Koller, its founder, who for two years served as a legal advisor to the 5th Military Region Special Staff in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, where she experienced the Castro routines and obtained odd experiences, pro - providing know-how for a strategic business look and, thus, enabling companies   to   conduct    business   and   make


projects viable in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Defense.

The services provided by the firm include:

  • Stakeholders approach (B2B);

  • Legal advice throughout the negotiation process, including contracts;

  • Advice for the creation of strategic projects for the demands of the Armed Forces;

  • Provision of legal service in bids and public procurement, including registration in SICAF.


Law 12.598/12 - Defense Industrial Base Promotion Regulation


In addition to establishing a special tax regime for the sector (the RETID), exempting companies of various burdens, this regulation reduces the production cost of companies legally classified as strategic and establishes incentives for developing indispensable technologies to Brazil.


The tax benefits in the supply chain may be reduced by up to 18%, making the benefited companies more competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.

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